Yasin Willis is coming off a weekend visit to Rutgers Football, the first visit of what will likely be a busy spring for the New Jersey running back.

A four-star running back and the best player in New Jersey according to Rivals is one of the top priorities for Rutgers Football this offseason. Ranked the nation’s No. 11 recruit, he’s a solid 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds.

Last season for St. Joseph’s Regional, Willis had 1,133 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns on 189 carries.

Willis said Rutgers and South Carolina will begin receiving official visits immediately. He is working on the other three visits.

He has offers from Boston College, Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Ole Miss, Penn State, South Carolina, Syracuse, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia, among others.

Check out what Willis had to say about his recent visit to Rutgers on Sunday. He talks about his time with Rutgers football head coach Greg Schiano and running backs coach Damiere Shaw.

Yasin Willis on his visit to Rutgers Football

“One of my friends, a kid on our team I grew up with — he’s a freshman at St. Joe’s Regionals named Nate Bailey — came in yesterday for his first visit to college. You know, I took some photos with him. So it was a good moment, a great Big Brother moment.”

Yasin Willis on his recent visit to Rutgers Football

“I mean, it’s always great to see coach Schiano – you know, I had a good conversation. I had a good chat with the running back coach, Coach Shaw. The playroom always catches my eye. I love the game they just made.”

Yasin Willis on his recruitment update

“Actually, I’ll finish it in the summer. So I’ll make my decision sometime in June…July.”

Yasin Willis on his upcoming visits

“I go to other schools. I’ll be in South Carolina on the 25th of this month. I’ll be with Pitt. I will see Pitt on April 11th. Then I’ll be at Virginia Tech. Illinois, I can still get a date for act one.”

Yasin Willis on whether location influences his decision

“I always like to be close to home, but I also like to be away. I want the heat. I want to be a really big SEC guy. This senior year of high school, you know, I’m going to be working hard to see if I can get some of these other big offers like Miami or Florida or stuff like that.

Yasin Willis on what was special about visiting Rutgers Football this weekend

“I’ve seen from some players in the dressing room – I just see a great brotherhood there. You know, it’s cool to see these guys that are in college together. I really saw that they had a connection to each other. I actually know some. I actually grew up with one of the guys that are there. So it was nice to see him too.”

Yasin Willis on the status of his recruitment

“From now on everything is kind of the same.”

Yasin Willis on what he sees from Rutgers Football

“I love the program. I grew up with them. I’ve watched the change. I’ve seen it develop, you know, since I was a little kid, so it’s definitely getting to a place where it wants to be. You know, it’s definitely moving. I like trainers. They picked the trainer, the trainers you know got some, they got some new guys that came into my room. Pretty cool guys. I spoke to a few of them. And it’s still on my list of schools to go to.”

Story originally appeared on Rutgers Wire

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