Tayven Jackson, we hardly knew you.

Once upon a time, news of a high-profile quarterback recruit signing up to play football in Tennessee set fans on the mental path of wondering if this is the guy who can beat Florida or Georgia? Is this the guy who can take the Vols back to the SEC championship game?

You can speculate where he would be in the Vols’ record book on Senior Day when he ran through the “T” and hugged Coach Whatzizname for the last time.

No longer. Now, when a quarterback signs up for the Vols, the following thought comes to mind:

Will this guy ever take a snap at Neyland Stadium?

Tayven Jackson celebrates after a touchdown against Akron on September 17, 2022. But now he's gone.

Jackson actually took a few. A true freshman in third place on the depth chart, he made three cameo appearances last fall before injuring himself.

His next snap will be at Indiana University.

Jackson stormed through the transfer portal so quickly he didn’t have time to figure out where the toilet was.

Quarterbacks moving to supposedly greener pastures aren’t new. Your dilemma has existed since leather helmets. A bunch of linebackers or receivers or defensive backs play a lot. Offensive linemen can be shuffled to get the top five on the field. Defensive linemen rotate each series.

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