The WIAA Board of Governors approved most of the recommendations of the working group on refocusing the conference for football at its meeting on Tuesday.

According to a press release, the Board of Control reviewed 10 appeals from 18 schools to the football-only conference realignment plan and approved the plan for all 8-player conferences and all but eight 11-player conferences.

How the WIAA working group's realignment proposal could affect football teams in the region

These eight were sent back to the task force for further evaluation.

The conferences — and associated schools — being reevaluated by the task force include the Capitol, Dunn-St. Croix, Eastern Suburban, Heart O’North, Lakeland, Southwest, Southwest Athletic League and Trailways.

The task force will conduct a further review at its April 11 meeting. A final proposal will be submitted to the Board of Control at its April 25 meeting.

Parts of the approved plan will be implemented in autumn 2024.

The Board of Control also presented five constitutional amendments to the April 26 annual meeting.

The Competitive Balance Sheet plan, proposed by the Ad Hoc Committee on Competitive Balance Sheet, was among the changes proposed by the Board of Control for the Members’ Vote at the Annual Meeting.

The computer's positing stimulates debate about participation in the WIAA Girls' State Basketball Tournament

The plan provides classification for tournament placement by applying a performance factor based on recent tournament performance. The plan allows schools to request placement and appeal if they are promoted a division based on performance factor.

A change has also been proposed that will affect the statutes – if a team that is promoted in the WIAA Tournament Series is unable to continue, the team most recently defeated by that team is allowed to return to the competition.

The other three changes concerned the conditions of participation.

A senior who transfers without a full family move has the opportunity to participate at the non-college level.

Transfer students who do not qualify for full eligibility will be granted full eligibility for sports they have never competed in prior to the transfer.

The third change would allow a coach at any level to have coaching contact with newly arriving ninth graders by the first day of fall practice or the first day of school.

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