The XFL is just one of Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia’s most recent business ventures. Although the Football League is run by experienced and reputable names, their ratings give mixed signals.

If you’re wondering what the XFL is, it’s a professional American football league founded by Vince McMahon in 2001 and revived in 2018. After just a few weeks into the 2020 season, the company filed for bankruptcy due to COVID-19. 19 pandemic. The people who bought the company from the WWE Chairman were The Rock and Garcia, at a reported price of $15 million. Eight teams are currently competing in the league.

The football league’s recent ratings are reportedly not doing too well. The 2023 season opened last month with 1.54 million viewers, a good figure but not comparable to the 3.3 million viewers in 2020. The big track reported that the football league’s ratings reached 1.3 million in the first week. The following week fell to 665.00 while the third week saw another decline to 571.500.

It remains to be seen how the league will continue after the 2023 season. Still, it looks like the current owners are doing their best to run the company.

Dwayne Johnson shares XFL ratings are doing well

It’s no surprise that the Black Adam Actor is engaged in football. He had a brief history with the sport playing in the Canadian Football League before branching out into the world of wrestling and eventually Hollywood. Despite being busy with various projects, it seems The Rock still has a high regard for the football league.

In a tweet, Dwayne Johnson expressed that his football league’s audience and ratings are doing well. He also mentioned that attendance for the games has increased, noting that they expect more than 30,000 people for the next game this weekend.

โ€œWeek over week our @XFL2023 is showing nice growth. Small victories and step by step. We build for the long haul to create opportunities for players. Visitor numbers are also growing well! We’re expecting over 30,000 for the @XFLBattlehawks home opener this weekend. ๐Ÿคฏ๐ŸŸ๏ธ Enjoy the games!~ #54″

Ours week after week @XFL2023 shows nice growth.
Small victories and step by step.
We build for the long haul, for opportunities for players.
Visitor numbers are also growing well!
Expecting more than 30,000 this weekend for the @XFLBattlehawks house opener.
Enjoy the games!
~ #54โ€ฆ

Another good week for @XFL2023 viewership

Per @ByMikeMitchell Sunday’s DC vs. STL game is averaging 665,000 on FX and that’s not even including ESPN+ viewership

In comparison this week:
๐Ÿ’NHL 377,000
NFL Combine 208k

Good start for @DanyGarciaCo, @The stone & co.

Full #’s๐Ÿงต

It remains to be seen if there will be any changes regarding reviews of the XFL in the coming months or if changes will be made to the product in general.

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