A dog may be a different species from humans, but there’s no denying that they quickly become a part of the family. But this Chocolate Labrador was apparently unaware that his owner wasn’t his birth father.

The moment Bob the dog discovers he’s “adopted” went viral on TikTok. The hilarious clip, shared on @bobthelab – a page dedicated to the dog – has garnered 288,300 likes.

Bob can be seen sitting down panting and occasionally making eye contact with his owner next to him. For most of the clip, Bob doesn’t seem interested in what’s being said until the viral voiceover says, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re, well, adopted.”

Bob’s facial expression changes completely and he appears to look “stunned” according to a TikToker comment.

5 ways to tell if your dog is part of the family

A dog often becomes so much more than just a pet. The non-judgmental canines are there no matter what the weather, and their presence can benefit people’s mental and physical health.

PetMD, an online authority on all things pet health, has shared a list of ways to tell if your dog is truly a part of the family. Here are a few:

  1. Big or small, there’s always room for your dog on your lap.
  2. There is always room for your dog on the sofa and bed.
  3. You never forget her birthday.
  4. Your dog’s needs are taken into account when making your own lifestyle decisions, such as a move or holiday booking.
  5. You never leave the vet without making your next appointment.
Two stock photos of a dog hanging out with its owner and a sad dog. Many online users have loved watching the moment a Labrador reacts when they find out they have been “adopted” on TikTok.
Chris Amaral/StephDianne/Getty

Over 2,500 people commented on the video. Some even wrote what they thought Bob would say.


“Oooh his face… he’s in shock,” commented another.

Another joked, “He (the dog) actually adopted you.”

“Aww his reactions [is] too innocent,” commented another person.

“I really love the dog’s reaction…like he understands what he’s saying,” pointed out another.

“Oh my gosh!! priceless expression!!” said another.

Until now, news week shared a series of hilarious reactions from dogs who seem to understand what their owners are saying. This cocker spaniel seemed unimpressed when he realized he wasn’t invited on a family vacation.

news week @bobthelab asked for a comment.

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