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Scottie Barnes over 30.5 fantasy points

Barnes has consistently played 36 minutes per game and is expected to have at least 0.9 fantasy points per minute. He projects well beyond his stats, including 16.3 real points, 7.5 boards, and 4.5 assists, all of which are above the lines set for those categories. Based on this information, it is clear that Barnes has a lot of upside potential and the 30.5 line is low compared to his projected performance. Therefore, it is very likely that he will exceed this mark.

Kawhi Leonard Over 40.5 fantasy points

Leonard has played massive minutes and is expected to play at least 36 tonight. He’s also playing in a cheap matchup against the Golden State Warriors, who are missing key players like Andrew Wiggins And Stephen Curry. In addition, the Warriors defense suffers Kevin Looney And Draymond Green leave the ground. Leonard has played fantastic basketball and he has the potential to play 36+ minutes, making it more likely that he will break the 40.5 fantasy point line. Leonard has better rates than the line suggests as he averages 1.25 fantasy points per minute making the 40.5 line very achievable.

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Klay Thompson Under 35.5 fantasy points

While Thompson is certainly capable of getting hot and scoring lots of points, his line is overstated for this particular matchup against Los Angeles. The Clippers are defensive switchable and have players better suited to slowing down Thompson. Also, Thompson is a very points dependent player. So unless he has a big 3-point ad tag, he probably won’t get anywhere near that fantasy score. Overall, this is a good matchup for the Unders, despite Thompson’s ability to get hot from deep.

Delon Wright Over 23.0 Fantasy Points

Although projected at 23 fantasy points, Wright’s value lies in his ability to rack up steals, each worth 3 fantasy points. As a starter, Wright is expected to play 28-32 minutes and plans to play 29, giving him plenty of time to rack up steals. Wright fits better into the PrizePicks scoring system because he’s not a points type and his projected points in rebounds and assists may be a bit low. However, Wright projects just over 26 fantasy points, making the uber a worthwhile proposition.

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