The Six Nations Championship is an annual rugby tournament and one of the most anticipated matches is Wales vs England. NBC owns the television rights to the tournament and uses its streaming platform Peacock TV to broadcast the live stream between Wales and England. Peacock will be where you can watch the games live, but replays are being handled through the NBC family of channels, which can lead to minor complications when attempting to watch Wales v England online. We’ve weeded out the best ways to do so though, including some ways to watch for free when the action starts at 8:45am PT today.

Watch England vs Wales live stream on Sling TV

Sling TV doesn’t offer access to live stream Wales vs England with any of its basic plans, but you can watch the game on Sling TV if you add a Peacock subscription. With just a basic Sling subscription, the all-in-one streaming TV service is a great option for sports lovers as it gives you access to all sorts of great sports channels. Base Sling TV plans start at $40 a month, and Peacock, which you need to watch Wales vs England, is just an extra $5 a month. Discounts are available for first-time Sling TV subscribers.

Watch England vs Wales live stream on FuboTV

FuboTV is a great option for watching the Wales vs England game as it offers NBC and several of its families of channels as part of its service. It’s also a great place to watch other Six Nations rugby matches. CNBC is an NBC owned channel that will handle reruns of Six Nations games and it also comes with FuboTV. Furthermore, if you want to watch the Wales vs England live stream for free, FuboTV is the right place as there is a free trial of FuboTV that new subscribers can use. This gives you seven days of free access to the entire range of FuboTV channels.

Watch England vs Wales live stream on Peacock TV

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Peacock TV will be the place you want to be if you want to watch Six Nations rugby matches live including Wales v England. While other streaming TV services give you access to game replays, Peacock TV is the only one that gives you live access to it. It’s an incredibly affordable subscription at just $5 a month, and sports lovers will enjoy Peacock’s coverage of WWE, Sunday Night Football, golf and rugby. A premium plan for $10 per month that eliminates ads and provides access to local NBC channels is also available.

Watch England vs Wales live stream on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV gives you access to NBC and its other channels and will be a popular place to watch the live stream between Wales and England. It’s a particularly appealing option if you want a full list of channels without a cable subscription, since Hulu is about as packed with live TV channel offerings as it gets when it comes to a streaming TV service. Hulu with Live TV doesn’t offer a free trial, but there is a Hulu free trial. This won’t give you access to the Wales vs. England live stream, but it does give you an idea of ​​what a basic Hulu subscription has to offer. You can subscribe to Hulu with Live TV for $70 a month if you like the service and get instant access to all the live sporting events it has to offer including Wales vs England.

Watch live stream England vs Wales on YouTube with Live TV

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Over the years, YouTube TV has proven to be a quality streaming TV service. Most sports fans won’t disagree as it offers access to channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. With NBC networks as part of its offering, YouTube TV will be a great place to watch the live stream between Wales and England, and as it offers a free trial it’s also one of the few places where new subscribers can watch for free. For returning subscribers, access costs $65 per month, although YouTube TV almost always offers a discount.

Watch England vs Wales live stream from abroad with a VPN

Things can get a little messy if you want to watch the Wales vs England live stream from abroad. Streaming services love to impose geo-restrictions on live sporting events, but a virtual private network is a great way to bypass them. NordVPN is one of the best VPN services, and when you pair it with a streaming TV service like FuboTV, you can watch Wales vs England from anywhere, just like you would in your own home. A free trial of NordVPN is available and offers a whole month of free service while you try it out.

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