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Video game giant Capcom regularly releases collections of its beloved classic games for the new generation, allowing fans of all walks of life to enjoy these treasures for themselves.

And with games this good, you won’t want to miss out on enjoying the treasures of the Capcom Fighting Collection.

As the company’s newest pack, “Capcom Fighting Collection” brings together 10 fighting games featuring some of Capcom’s most iconic and beloved fighters.

From the gothic Darkstalkers series to the classic Hyper Street Fighter II and the silly yet wonderfully charming Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, there’s something for every fighting game fan here.

Even Puzzle Fighter II, a game that places much more emphasis on puzzle than fighter, is still great fun.

The real gems of this collection, however, are Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness, which hasn’t received a console port since the original PlayStation, and Red Earth, which gets its first-ever console port with this game.

Not only is it great to see Capcom acknowledging some of its older, less popular products, but these games are a joy to play.

Players will also be able to challenge fighters from around the world to a match in any game in the collection, as every game in the pack has been enhanced with online play features, many of them for the first time.

Online combat runs smoothly, with relatively little slowdown, and the ability to pass the time between games by messing around in one of the games or browsing the gallery’s collection of classic advertising and concept art is a refreshing change of pace rather than just up to wait for matchups.

And for players new to these games, the inclusion of a training mode and full command list for nine games out of ten – there’s not really a reason to add one for “Puzzle Fighter” – is a wonderful addition that makes the collection so much more accessible to new players.

Many of the games in this collection never had a command list, so for people trying to learn these games for the first time – like me – implementing one will be of great help.

Despite the massive star power on display with some of Capcom’s most prominent fighters joining this collection, I think it’s important to point out that there is a slight imbalance in which games are actually included in the collection.

Half of the games in the collection are “Darkstalkers” games which should not be viewed as inherently negative as each is a finely polished fighter in its own right.

But three of those games — Vampire Hunter 2, Vampire Savior, and Vampire Savior 2 — are essentially the same game, aside from a few differences in character rosters.

There’s some balance going on behind the scenes between all three, but from the perspective of a layman like me there doesn’t seem to be much that sets them apart from the rest, which given they make up a third of the collection, that’s more than just a little disappointing. This makes the 10 game collection feel more like an eight and a half game collection.

That being said, all of these games are still a bundle of fun on their own and even more so when brought together.

Many of these fighters have ports on older consoles, although no doubt they will be hard to find and unnecessarily expensive. Having these 10 classics on modern consoles is a great and easy way for anyone to experience them or add them to their collection, and they’re definitely worth checking out.

Davis Cobb is a reporter at The Tifton Gazette.

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