Victor Wembanyama has been as hyped as anyone in NBA history. And that includes LeBron James, arguably the greatest player to ever pick up a basketball. But in a way, all the hoopla couldn’t be more justified.

The 19-year-old is a ridiculously tall 7ft 5in but has the dexterity and agility of a security guard. He has also been playing professional basketball since he was about 15 years old. So what’s really not to like about this young man?

As it turns out, this list runs longer than you think. And as former NBA player Nate Robinson recently pointed out on Instagram, this could turn out to be a lot more concerning than anticipated.

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Nate Robinson says Victor Wembanyama’s lack of height could pose a big problem in the NBA

Victor Wembanyama’s height may be more than beneficial, but his weight is more than a concern. You see, the average weight of a 7ft person in the NBA is about 216lbs, while Victor weighs 230lbs.

That may seem nice at first. But the fact of the matter is that the young man stands 5 inches taller than 7 feet. This means he doesn’t have nearly enough meat over his bones, resulting in a very skinny physique.

And because of that, the man finds himself on the wrong end of highlights like the one in the Instagram post below.

Even though he’s only 5’9 inches tall. Nate Robinson played 11 seasons in the NBA. So the man knows a thing or two about the kind of body it takes to compete in the league.

And after watching this low light on the French outlook, that was his rather pessimistic reaction. Check out the tweet here.

Of course, hope is not lost here. After all, a certain other international star got into the NBA draft in 2013.

However, things must change quickly. Otherwise, he may find himself stuck in the fate of another lanky star before his rookie season even begins.

LeBron James and Chet Holmgren present a frightening perspective on how things could play out for Victor Wembanyama

Chet Holmgren was drafted during the 2022 NBA draft and currently stands at 7 feet and weighs 195 pounds. If you may not know who this is, he’s the same guy who did this to Steph Curry years before he was drafted.

Needless to say, the hype surrounding his time in the NBA was at an all-time high. And yet, during a meaningless Pro-Am game against LeBron James, here’s what happened.

This was later diagnosed as a Lisfranc injury, referring to damage to his ligaments in his right foot. This is an example Victor Wembanyama needs to learn from as he and Holmgren are of similar proportions. If he can’t do that, he could see that his NBA career is a lot shorter than anyone in the world could expect.

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