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Maegu and Woosa, the first twin class fighters from Korean MMORPG developer and publisher Pearl Abyss, are now live and playable on PC and mobile. Woosa continued to launch Black Desert Mobile Tuesday 17th January and Maegu arrived on PC today. Maegu was originally only playable on mobile devices, while Woosa was available exclusively for PC in December 2022. Now adventurers on both platforms can enjoy both!

The twins are from the next major Black Desert expansion, Land of the Morning Light. The new region – centered around massive boss fights, massive new areas to explore, and more – is expected to arrive in the first half of 2023.


What’s new on Black desert online (pc):

  • Players new and experienced can now explore Maegu’s unique combat abilities and her alluring fox powers. Maegu wields magic with deadly grace to defeat her foes with grace, strength, and skill.
  • A full breakdown of Maegu’s abilities can be found here.
  • Watch Maegus play wild spells in their new PC gameplay battle trailer here and on YouTube.
  • To celebrate Maegu’s arrival on Black desert onlinePlayers can now claim J’s Hammer item using the coupon code MAEG-UWIT-HAHA-MMER on the officer black desert Website. A powerful fan favorite that’s nearly impossible to acquire, J’s Hammer ensures gear upgrade levels down if the upgrade attempt fails.

Maegu – New Class War Pendant | Black desert online

What’s new on Black Desert Mobile:

  • Players can now adventure as Woosa, wielding powerful elemental attacks and ancient artistry Black Desert Mobile.
  • Check out Woosa’s brutal lightning, rain, and weather attacks Black Desert Mobile here and on YouTube.
  • More details on Woosa’s abilities can be found here.
  • To celebrate Woosa’s arrival on Black Desert Mobileplayers can now claim [Blessing of W] x3 and [Black Pearl x1000 Chest] x3 items with the special coupon code BLES-SING-OF-WOOK on the officer Black Desert Mobile Website.