Since the 2013-14 season, the NBA has been using player tracking technology to collect all sorts of interesting data, including a player’s average speed, distance traveled, number of ball touches, and more.

Second Spectrum is the NBA’s “Official Optical Tracking Provider” and has installed a player tracking system on the catwalk of every NBA arena. Using multiple cameras, state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques, the software identifies and locates each player and the ball 25 times per second. When something happens on the field, the player tracking system captures it and the data is uploaded to

That’s how we know that five players ran more than 200 miles over the course of last season: Mikal Bridges, Miles Bridges, Tyrese Haliburton, Tyrese Maxey and Scottie Barnes. And for the second straight season, Fred VanVleet led all players in average distance walked, running 2.82 miles per game.

Which players are currently covering the most distance this season? And which players have the fastest and slowest average speeds? Let’s take a look:


LaMelo ball 2.8 miles per game
Fred VanVleet 2.77 miles per game
Terry Rozier 2.74 miles per game
Mikal Bridges 2.73 miles per game
Pascal Siakam 2.72 miles per game

Dejount Murray

2.69 miles per game
Tyler Herro 2.69 miles per game

Scottie Barnes

2.68 miles per game
CJ McCollum 2.64 miles per game
Zach Lavine 2.64 miles per game


Mikal Bridges 163.7 miles
Anthony Edwards 159.6 miles
Buddy Held 156.2 miles
Franz Wagner 155.3 miles
Julius Randle 154.1 miles
Scottie Barnes 153 miles
Evan Mobley 151.5 miles
Jalen Brunson 150 miles
PJ Washington 149.2 miles
Domantas Sabonis 148.9 miles

Of course, a player’s role and their team’s playstyle will affect how many miles they rack up in each game.


Wendell Moore Jr. 4.71 miles per hour
Luke Garsa 4.62 miles per hour
TJ McConnell 4.62 miles per hour
Jordan McLaughlin 4.61 miles per hour
Blake Wesley 4.59 miles per hour
Caleb Martin 4.58 miles per hour
Cody Martin 4.57 miles per hour
Sam Hauser 4.57 miles per hour
Dalano Banton 4.56 miles per hour
Aaron Wiggins 4.55 miles per hour


ChrisPaul 3.55 miles per hour
Joel Embid 3.55 miles per hour
James Harden 3.56 miles per hour
DeAndre Jordan 3.59 miles per hour
Eric Gordon 3.63 miles per hour
Luke Doncic 3.66 miles per hour
Kevin Durant 3.67 miles per hour
John Wall 3.7 miles per hour
Kyle Lowry 3.7 miles per hour
Lebron James 3.72 miles per hour

If you want to see all of the NBA’s tracking data, it’s here.

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