missed me? I’m back, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the NBA season and preparing for the baseball season as well. College has been taking up a lot of my time lately so it gives me pleasure to bring this article out. Something I don’t enjoy? NBA veterans take roster spots for nothing. It’s time for her to break up.

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t a great athlete myself. I often sat on the bench during my two years of high school football (although you could argue that I should have been third string instead of fourth string, I digress). But I knew we had better players ahead of me and other guys who deserved to be on the team instead of me.

See, everyone usually makes the team in high school. But things really get real when you play at the collegiate and pro levels. Roster cuts are being made, and those close to making the team are devastated.

The thing is, though, there’s a reason not everyone gets on the team. The top 53 or 15 guys earn their spot.

Let’s just get down to business. It’s time for these two NBA veterans to call it quits.

Time to break up the dynasty

san francisco Home of the Golden State Warriors (don’t be mad at me for those who think Oakland is the real home). Not much has changed since the team moved. If anything, the number of championship banners has increased thanks to last year’s run that ended in a title. Don’t worry Boston. There is always this year.

Stephen Curry. Clay Thompson. Draymond Green. Andre Iguodala. Four guys have been the blueprint for success since they arrived. Notably, Iguodala joined the Warriors as a free agent in 2013. The other three stars were homegrown.

Together they led the way to four of the organization’s seven championships. They all played a big part in their runs.

Fast forward to 2023, and three of the four players have continued to have a major impact on the floor. Andre Iguodala is not one of them.

I’m not going to sit here and criticize the veteran up front. A four-time champion, a Finals MVP, and an All-Star? What to do to him? Nothing. Except for his place on the bench.

You see, if “Iggy” had decided last offseason to retire and become an assistant coach at Golden State this year, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But what has he done this year? He played in three games due to injury. Even when he’s on the court, the man has averaged a measly 2.3 PPG.

Why exactly is the front office allowing this man to stay on the list? He’s 39, and even if he’s healthy, the Warriors won’t use him. Guys like Moses Moody, Jonathan Kuminga, Anthony Lamb and Patrick Baldwin Jr. deserve more playing time than he does.

You could argue that they need him for veteran and mentoring purposes. Then release him and make him an assistant coach. Fill that empty space with someone who deserves one. Lamb is currently on a two-way contract, as is guard Ty Jerome. Other candidates who can fill it are buyout candidates or even a player they recently signed on a ten-day contract.

Time to leave South Beach

The Miami Heat are currently 7th in the Eastern Conference. Most fans are disappointed with their team’s performance this year. But getting into the playoffs should be the only thing that matters. Finally, Jimmy Butler transforms into another animal when the postseason arrives.

But once again, another NBA veteran currently on the list has done nothing but squander a spot. Welcome to the stage, Udonis Haslem.

Forgiveness? Losing sleep? With all due respect, what have you been up to all season? *checks the stats* Oh, sorry. I didn’t know it was so important to get three points all year long.

What are we doing here? I don’t care about the veteran leadership he claims to bring to the table. Heat fans would rather see their team in the top 6 overall than in the play-in tournament. The front office will soon have to make a decision about their two players, Orlando Robinson and Jamal Cain.

Here’s an idea: leave Haslem free and have the flexibility to sign one or the other. The 42-year-old is not LeBron James; He’s not going to wake up one morning and lose 30 points to you.

Haslem is a three-time NBA champion. He’s had his moments in the past. But past is past. Our focus is this season. We can agree that the old man no longer belongs in an NBA roster.

So he can end the whole “insomnia” situation. Enjoy the fact that you get paid to sit on the bench and contribute nothing to your team’s place in the standings.

Bottom Line: It’s time for these NBA veterans to call it quits

Retire. That’s all these guys have to do. Iguodala and Haslem would always be welcome to help out as coaches with their respective teams. It would actually help to give their teams the flexibility to sign someone to help them win. Being a bench press won’t do your team any favors. Trust me I would know.

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