Riley Keough as Daisy in Daisy Jones and the Six. Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

A live comedy experiment, high-concept sci-fi, and a salacious Best Picture nominee are just a few of this week’s new streaming offerings. We’ve also got drama inspired by real events (some looser than others) and an updated recap.

What to watch on Netflix

Chris Rock: Selective outrage

Few streaming services love an experiment quite like Netflix, and this weekend they’re taking a foray into the unknown Chris Rock: Selective outrage. On Saturday at 10:00 p.m. ET, the comedian will perform a live stand-up special that will be streamed via the streamer. While the special itself will be broadcast afterwards, it will promote a special pre- and post-show that will only be broadcast live. Expect performances from Leslie Jones, Arsenio Hall, Kevin Hart and Wanda Sykes, among others, in these exclusive segments starting at 9:30pm ET. Chris Rock: Selective outrage will be broadcast live on Saturday March 4thth.

What to see on Hulu

Next exit

This sci-fi road trip film brings many fresh ideas to underpin this genre mashup. Next exit tells the story of the not too distant future when scientists have uncovered concrete evidence of life after death and are eager to find out more; The diligent researcher behind mankind’s greatest eureka moment (Karen Gillan) creates an assisted suicide program that ensures its participants return in ghostly form. The study attracts all kinds of people, including the protagonists Rose and Teddy. Rose wants out of life, Teddy sees the great afterlife as the final frontier, and both must travel across the country together to reach their final destination. Next exit Streams starting Thursday, March 2ndnd.

triangle of sadness

Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund was already familiar with the success of films such as Force majeure and the Palme d’Or winner The squarebut he managed to make a splash in the US with his latest satire, triangle of sadness. Set on a luxury cruise ship, this Best Picture-nominated film follows a handful of ultra-rich and/or ultra-famous people as they wallow in their own debauchery and ultimately agonize over their own incompetence. Equal parts amusing and absurd, chaotic and controlled, it’s a film that caters to the rich and the insane. triangle of sadness Premiering on Friday, March 3rdapprox.

What to see on Amazon Prime

Daisy Jones and the Six

Based on the novel of the same name Daisy Jones and the Six is here to bring you all the 70’s rock melodrama you could ever want. Inspired by the turbulence of Fleetwood Mac at the same time, the series revolves around a band hoping to make it big in LA if they find a new star to light their way: Riley Keough’s cautious singer-songwriter Daisy. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll follow with Sam Claflin, Camila Morrone, Suki Waterhouse and Timothy Olyphant. (Read our review here.) The first three episodes of Daisy Jones and the Six Premiering on Friday, March 3rdapprox.

The silent twins

This drama follows the strange but true story of June and Jennifer Gibbons, a pair of twins who only communicated with each other but together lived a rich and creative life. Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence play the twins whose alienation from their all-white British community is manifesting itself in increasingly negative ways. Both are sentenced to incarceration at a notorious mental institution, where their strange bond is put to the test. Although based on real events, the film delights in the surrealism of the twins’ seemingly shared headspace. The silent twins Premieres Tuesday, March 7thth.

What to watch on HBO Max


Nobody makes historical crime shows like Matthew Rhys. the previous The American Star returns for Season 2 of the rebooted version of HBO PerryMason, in which the character evolves from a seedy private investigator to a badass defense attorney. Set in Los Angeles during the Great Depression, Season 2 now focuses on the murder of a massive oil industry figure and the authorities’ relentless attempts to frame the most obvious – and vulnerable – suspects. The new season also welcomes the likes of Katherine Waterston and Sean Astin to its cast. Season 2 of PerryMason Premieres Monday, March 6thth.

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What you can see streaming this week: March 3-9

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