LOS ANGELES, January 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One of the longest running and most innovative live streaming platforms, VNUE, Inc StageIt (OTC: VNUE) expands its reach in the international market.

Director of Wolf Entertainment, Hellmut Wolfjoins forces with StageIt as Director of International Artist Acquisitions.

In the twelve years since Wolf founded his label, he has made thousands of connections with artists around the world. The partnership expands StageIt’s coverage not only in Europebut Africa and Australia even.

“I’m excited to make the StageIt platform available to our own artists as well as other artists who are working hard to make a living from their music,” says Hellmut. “After Covid destroyed the live concert market, StageIt gives artists the opportunity to share their music and make some money. This partnership goes hand-in-hand with what we do at Wolf Entertainment. The community aspect of StageIt is what our label is built on.”

“StageIt has delivered tremendous growth over the past year and this partnership takes it to a new level.” says StageIt CEO lou man. “There are many bands around the world that need what StageIt has to offer. We look forward to connecting these amazing artists with their fans around the world.”

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StageIt, a wholly owned subsidiary of VNUE, Inc, is the oldest and most popular online experience connecting artists and their fans. StageIt was acquired by VNUE February 14, 2022. Founded in 2009 for artists by artists, StageIt’s mission is to help artists navigate the intricacies of the online live streaming space by providing a stage for every creator and a front-row seat for everyone fan offers. As an early industry leader, StageIt provides a platform for artists to perform live, engage with fans and monetize shows while creating unique experiences for fans. To learn more, visit StageIt.com

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VNUE, Inc., (OTC: VNUE) is a multifaceted music technology company dedicated to monetizing the live music experience for artists, labels, writers and publishers with products such as its instant content distribution platform set.fm (www.set.fm) , exclusive licensing partner and “instant live” pioneer DiscLive (www.disclive.net), and protects the rights of artists and writers with the company’s Soundstr music recognition (MRT) technology (www.soundstr.com). VNUE also recently acquired StageIt (www.stageit.com), one of the oldest and most popular live streaming ticketed platforms. The veteran entrepreneurs, artists and songwriters behind VNUE, led by music and technology entrepreneur and recording artist Zach Bair (www.zachbairmusic.com), are passionate about the future of their industry and ensuring the value of rightsholders is not lost, change technology.


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