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Indiana Football lost a key player on offense when AJ Barner made the move to Michigan. The group lacked physicality and failed to stay healthy last season. This season they will go to the Spring Ball with a young, relatively inexperienced group.

The group is led by Aaron Stienfeldt, who was Barner’s replacement last season but he has seen little playing time at Bloomington. Someone needs to take over Barner’s production on the offensive side of the ball. When the Hoosiers find their man who can be a playmaker who runs and catches and blocks, Walt Bell’s offense can open up. That being said, you can expect the program to potentially convert someone to the tight end position or add another player.



  • James Bomb

  • TreyWalker

  • Aaron Steinfeldt

  • Ryan Miller

  • Brody Foley


· Sam West

-James Bomba- Bomba moved to Indiana from Miami, Ohio after the 2020 season. He redshirted his freshman season and entered the program during the Spring Ball. Last season, Bomba appeared in nine games from three starts. Bomba has started to prove himself as a good blocking tight end but needs to work on his passing skills. It was evident that blocking IU had even more problems as Bomba missed games with injuries.

-Trey Walker- Redshirt Senior, who appeared in five games last season. He saw most of the time on special teams. In bouncy ball, Walker has the most experience in that position and is called up as the unit’s leader.

-Aaron Steinfeldt- The Bloomington North graduate has a chance to earn the starting spot this season. Steinfeldt appeared in all 12 games as a freshman and caught a touchdown pass against Maryland. Steinfeldt has a good chance of being in the starting XI after the Spring Ball. It’s worth keeping an eye on his ability to catch and block the ball. He was a two-time All-State selection at Bloomington North. He was recruited by Indiana after posting record numbers at Bloomington.

-Brody Foley- Foley is one of Indiana’s top recruits in the 2022 class. He recently enrolled in the spring courses after winning the 2021 First-Team All-Ohio on defense. Rated the No.26 tight end in class Foley is young but has a high ceiling. He missed the 2022 season through injury, so it’s important he gets the most out of bouncy ball this year before he falls behind other players.

– Ryan Miller– Miller is another young tight end from Ohio. He was highly rated by rivals and lettered in baseball. Miller missed the redshirt last season despite missing the season with an injury. He’s another high-ceilinged player hoping to make the most of his chance. Miller is in the same boat as Foley, spring training will be crucial for her to take the next step.

-Sam West – A fascinating freshman from Greensburg Community High School in Greensburg, Indiana, West, was a star baseball player once engaged in Alabama. Instead, he chose Indiana. A great athlete, West played all field, including quarterback, in high school. He will gain valuable experience at spring training.

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