Ubisoft existed before I was born, it was created on March 28, 1986 under the name Ubi Soft, which means “ubiquitous software”. The founders, the Guillemot family, were already wealthy at this point and made their fortune through farming and owning a cider distillery in the early 20th century. The Guillemot brothers wanted to move away from agriculture and into the industry of the future – video games.

In its first year of business, Ubisoft released a handful of games in France, including Ciné Clap, Fer et Flamme, Masque and Zombi, which sold a whopping 5,000 copies. Until 1987, it imported foreign games to sell to French audiences. A year later, in 1988 – when I was two years old – Yves Guillemot was appointed CEO. He is still in power now.

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