Bishop Manogue defeated Reno 55-28 in a North 5A semifinal last season.

There will be high school football in Nevada this fall, but it will be a little different than previous seasons.

At an emergency meeting Thursday, the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association Board of Control approved a plan to split the big school’s 5A class into three separate divisions, 5A I, 5A II and 5A III for football.

The new classes separate the top seven schools in the Las Vegas area, based on rubric points earned over the past two seasons, into their own class, the 5A I.

A team in each of the three 5A divisions could be promoted or relegated after the season depending on how they finish.

Bishop Gorman's Zachariah Branch misses the catch in the state championship game against Bishop Manogue at Carson High School on November 19, 2022.

There will be eight teams in North 3A.

The 5A II North will compete with the 5A II South and the 5A III North with the 5A III South in the state soccer playoffs.

In football, the 5A II North would include: Bishop Manogue, McQueen, Spanish Springs, Reed, Damonte Ranch and Reno.

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