TThe NBA returns to Paris. This time it’s her Chicago Bulls and the Detroit piston who will fight in the French capital.

It is an appropriate destination for the copsgiven the relationship of one of their legends with the city.

“I used to go there often. Paris is a place where I could just walk down the street, sit and eat or eat or do whatever I wanted without anyone noticing me. I loved it. To stay out there, not to be in at all. And watch the people,” said the NBA legend Michael Jordan often told. A lover of the French capital.

Jordan played at the mythical McDonald’s Open in Paris in 1997. In the semifinals they defeated PSGand in the final Olympiacos with Jordan as MVP with 27 points. It connected their paths, left iconic images behind… Spain’s representative, BarcelonaShe fell in the first round. Prevent them from confronting the #23.

Also, at this historic event Michael Jordan received a MARCA Legend Award, a prestigious award given by Spain’s leading newspaper to the best athletes of all time. MJcouldn’t be missing of course.

A lot has happened in the NBA from 1997 to 2023. One thing that stays is Jordan‘s legacy. And the cops, are therefore a beloved and respected team. You are among the chosen few when the world’s top basketball league returns to Europe for the NBA Paris Game. You will face it Detroit piston, because history is like that. Unforgiving enemies in the 80’s and 90’s.

But a lot has changed since then. Jordan is a symbol of a team that wants to compete. DeMar DeRozan lands in the French capital and wants a ticket for the off-season. By his side, figures like Nikola Vucevic – he scored 43 points against the warrior not so long ago – or Zach Lavine. Detroit leaves something to be desired. Cade Cunningham‘s injury marked her course and that gives hope Jaden Ivey and Bojan Bodganovic. They will go to Paris to build and no more to sink.

international value

But apart from the memory of Jordanthe eternal rivalry with the Pistons and this clash in the east also serves to increase the international value of the NBA.

In this case, there was pressure from Detroit on the NBA to send them to play. After a year of preparation, the Pistons got the game.

“Many of our guys have never travelled. It gives them the opportunity to see other countries and cultures…” he said Arn Tellem, the team’s deputy manager. Among their activities, they will even see the “Phantom of the Opera” in the theater. It will be the whole experience.

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