Before we fully dismiss the six playoff teams that were recently eliminated in this year’s glorious wild card round, let’s take a final look at each of them in standard fantasy six-pack fashion. With a view to 2023, we give a meaningful statistic for each team.

1,517 – This is the total number of receiving yards produced by everyone Baltimore Ravens Wide receivers this season, an outrageously low number. It was the lowest in the league that year and the lowest total by any team since 2019, when Ravens wideouts ended in a 16-game season for just 1,419 yards. Justin Jefferson and Tyreek Hill Each individually delivered more receiving yards than all Ravens wide receivers in 2022, and Davante Adams was only a meter behind them. Baltimore gained almost as many rushing yards per game (160.0) as passing (178.8), which just shouldn’t look like what offense should look like in such a passing-friendly era. It might be time to reevaluate the offensive philosophy.

257Kenneth Walker III gained 257 yards from contact in the last three weeks of the regular season, by far the highest total of any back β€” and, in case you’ve forgotten, he did it while playing through an ankle injury and rarely training. After taking over from Seattle in October, he averaged 95.9 scrimmage yards per week and reached the end zone eight times. If we were to draft a fantasy roster for 2023 today, Walker would clearly be considered as a late first round option. The Seahawks have glaring defensive needs and a big quarterback decision, but running back isn’t an issue.

Kenneth Walker III will be coming off the Fantasy Draft Boards in early 2023.  (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Kenneth Walker III will be coming off the Fantasy Draft Boards in early 2023. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

46Kirk cousins was fired 46 times this year, third most in the NFL, highest single-season total of his career and tied on points Geno Smith for most among the playoff QBs. He conceded more hits than any quarterback in the league (84). When he threw that doomed 3-yard shot TJ Hockenson On Sunday’s fourth down, he didn’t have another millisecond to work with, nor did he have another receiver to open. Cousins ​​is an easy target, literally and figuratively, but he’s certainly no liability. Minnesota needs to fix its terrible defenses and patch that O-line.

7.0JustinHerbert‘s average target depth this season was just 7.0 yards, according to the PFF, which ranked 30th out of 33 quarterbacks with at least 250 dropbacks. Only 9.7% of his attempts were down more than 20 yards. If that seems like a waste of a guy with weapon-grade arm strength… well. Understandably, The team is making changes in the attacking coaching staff. You might want to take a closer look at the reception room as well.

6.4 – In what seems likely to have been Tom BradyIn his final season with the Bucs, he averaged just 6.4 yards per pass attempt. That was his lowest rate since 2002, when Brady himself was only 25 and Rich Gannon won the NFL MVP. Brady had the lowest throwing average in the league this season (2.3 seconds) and his aDOT was just 7.3. He still rushed for 4,694 yards, but it took him 733 attempts in the league to get there. Injuries to the team’s offensive line were obviously a factor in his slip, and Tampa’s idle running game didn’t do the offense any favors β€” somehow, the Bucs ended with just five rushing points, one of which belonged to Brady. Wherever he plays next season (assuming he plays) it has to provide a perfectly moveable offensive environment.

0 – That’s how many running backs Miami currently has under contract Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. both went free. It goes without saying that Mike McDaniel’s offense is a superb landing spot for any defender. This year’s Free Agent class has an unusual cast — Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley, Tony Pollard, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery, Kareem Hunt, and more — and the new Draft class features plenty of talent. There’s a good chance that in a couple of months we’ll be drafting some yet-to-be-determined dolphins that run back in the very early rounds.

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