The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has announced its 2022 All-Star Coaches for football, baseball, softball, soccer and cheerleading.

TYLER, Texas — The 2023 North East Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Star Games are back for their 13th season.

First Christian Church was home to Draft Day Tuesday when over 50 coaches were commissioned to select 360 athletes from 450 to fill in soccer, softball, baseball, cheerleading and soccer for boys and girls teams.

“This is the best day of January right here,” said NETX Area Manager Robert Bardin. “Bringing all of these trainers into this room and looking at the number of schools represented, the trainers that have helped in the past and the brand new trainers. Knowing this man will really be a remarkable experience for them, even if they don’t know exactly what it will all be.”

The goal is to give glory to God on and off the field in a way that coaches aren’t allowed to do in their respective programs.

“Oh, it’s huge because you know when you’re in a Texas public school, you can’t really get that deep stuff,” said blue soccer team head coach Jason Pitts. “It just shows the kids that we’re human too because every coach has to give a little testimony every time during practice and it shows the kids that hey, they’re human too.”

Among the announced coaches is Troup Tigers football coach Sam Wells, head coach of the red team. Wells said his troupe team witnessed the East Texas Ministry of Athletes firsthand after junior player Cooper Reid suffered a brain injury during a game.

“It’s just an amazing feeling,” Wells said. “These boys who have been praying and supporting us all year, we get to be with these young men now. To coach their last game, I’m just looking forward to this opportunity.”

While the goal is Christ, Harmony’s senior softball coach reminded CBS19 that it’s still draft day and these are some of the best athletes in all of Texas.

“Oh my god,” Sheri Seahorn expressed. “Tell you what, there are 37 schools and you can’t go wrong. Anyone who wants to play comes along. We’re good to go. It is easy to pick this year.”

This year was also a moment for Whitney Phillips to come full circle. First a student, now a coach.

“It saved me,” exclaimed Phillips. “I came to know Christ in a very important way. Sports were my only avenue in high school and college, and God just put my focus back on him.”

Important dates for the All-Star Games:

  • 2TH OF JUNE – NETX FCA All Star Softball Game
  • 2TH OF JUNE – NETX FCA All Star Baseball Game
  • 3RD OF JUNE – NETX FCA Heart Of A Champion All-Star Football Game Sponsored By Chick-Fil-A, Longview Lobo Stadium
  • THE 10TH OF JUNE – NETX FCA All-Star Football Games for Boys and Girls, Tyler Legacy High School

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