Kyle Kuzma, Ron Harper and Reggie Miller, to name a few, were furious with the calls.

It wasn’t just LeBron James and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers who were more than frustrated by controversial refereeing during the marquee duel against the Boston Celtics.

NBA players, current and former, cried at the inauguration and took to social media to lash out after it cost the Lakers a hard-earned win. In a game that went down the drain, the Celtics pulled off a 125-121 victory in overtime at the TD Garden.

If it was James and Anthony Davis who blasted the umpires, Kyle Kuzma, Ron Harper and Reggie Miller, to name a few, were furious with the calls.

The Lakers lead 105-102 with 14.1 seconds left, but Jaylen Brown dumped one to equalize with 4 seconds left. This meant the Lakers got the last shot and James ran to the basket for the potential game winner but missed. However, he was furious after the game, thinking he had been fouled.

The no-call meant pushing the game into overtime, something that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Kyle Kuzma, Reggie Miller and Ron Harper respond to the offices of the poor

Former Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller didn’t mince his words when he took to Twitter to berate the umpires.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when officers didn’t name the foul and made his feelings public.

It was such NON-CALLS as a former player, Tatum on LeBron, that used to drive me CRAZY!! 6 damn eyes out there and the officials choke their whistles. @NBA

Next up was Kyle Kuzma. He saw the funny and not-so-fun side of it, but made his mind clear.

Refs have been tripping up lately, gosh, but I’m crying

Former Lakers James Worthy and Ron Harper were left stunned by the no foul call.

“This pissed me off. That was one of the worst refereeing crews I’ve seen at a game… This refereeing crew shouldn’t be allowed to officiate big games anymore… They should be ashamed, they really should be.”

Wow @NBAOfficial Wow, that call? Casper the ghost showed up… and a no-call showed up @King James last shot. IMPRESSIVE

The loss puts the Lakers 23-27 as they complete their 50 games this season. With 32 competitions remaining in the regular circuit, they’re hoping to rack up as many wins as possible to make it through the postseason.

They play the Brooklyn Nets next, followed by the New York Knicks, and pray the refereeing isn’t as controversial as Boston’s.

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