J’Arthur Dunn signs to play football at Shorter University

Published Saturday February 25, 2023 8:20 am

J’Arthur Dunn took the next step in his life on Friday. The LaGrange High Senior signed to play football at Shorter University beginning in the fall.

“I went to school and knew it straight away,” J’Arthur said. “The coaches welcomed me with open arms. They made me feel at home.”

It wasn’t the easiest journey for J’Arthur, who lost his mother at a young age. J’Arthur never let that affect his outlook on life and his winning smile. J’Arthur’s father Kevin Dunn has been there for him every step of the journey and he knows he wouldn’t be the young man he is without his father as a support system.

“Seeing how he reacted and handled certain situations gave me strength,” J’Arthur said. “When my mother died, he was all I had. I looked up to him all the way. He was the one who really built the family.”

J’Arthur said in his speech that his family runs deep. For J’Arthur, this had a double meaning. Yes, it means he has a large family, but it also means his family has had his back through the ups and downs of his young life.

J’Arthur always found a way to persevere when faced with obstacles. He made a huge impact on the Grangers during his senior season, opening lanes for the running game and catching eight passes for 13 yards and two touchdowns. He was a big part of the tight end space for LaGrange and offered them some versatility. Despite his great influence, J’Arthur found the recruitment process challenging.

“It was an ongoing process,” J’Arthur said. “Coaches called you and told you they wanted you, and a few days later they changed their mind. It took a lot of work, but I was patient and found the right fit.”

What struck Shorter was how committed they were to him from the day they first contacted him. This mutual interest paid off and J’Arthur was thrilled to finally make his decision official.

“It feels fantastic,” said J’Arthur. “It’s really an incredible feeling. I feel blessed.”

J’Arthur did everything for the Grangers during his four years at the school. He’s also a key member of the basketball team and track and field team – both seasons still ongoing.

J’Arthur’s stint on the track team and as a member of the tight end room has resulted in him developing a strong bond with Thomas Cox, who coached him in both sports.

“I’ve coached them for 28 years and (J’Arthur) is one of the most outstanding people I’ve ever coached,” said Cox. “He has all the intangibles.”

The Grangers are family and J’Arthur knows when he graduates and moves on that the Grangers will be a family for life.

“The culture is family,” J’Arthur said. “I’m so grateful to be a part of it.”

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