If you didn’t when you were his teammate in Philly, you might want to take some notes on this whole thing, Ben Simmons!

I’m not entirely sure JJ Redick gets his due respect. The guy had to have as much psychological scar tissue as a college basketball player as anyone in the history of the sport, so naturally many haters doubted the former Duke star could hack it in the NBA. Fifteen seasons later, Joke is on her.

Two or three workouts a day, six days a week. In the low season. Free on Saturdays, exactly 342 shots on Sundays. For 13 years. Holy shit. Thanks to former NBA player Quentin Richardson for the interview here.

And in case you’re wondering how JJ added all those shots together and why, and are still confused after his explanation in the video, here he breaks it all down:

Then that whole part about the time Redick spent in the tub and how he somehow managed to get an extra 25 seconds!? This guy. Talk about devotion to your craft.

Part of the legend surrounding the late, great Kobe Bryant was his incredible work ethic. Hooping has been a constant commitment even in the off-season. I know it’s not uncommon for the very best players to stay sharp between grueling 82-game seasons and presumptive playoff runs, but Kobe would have been great nonetheless. It is to his credit that he has maximized his potential to such a ridiculous extent.

Back to Redick, he barely played for the Orlando Magic early in his career. Didn’t get his first start until 3rd grade. Had to improve many facets of his game while continuing, especially in defence. It’s not like Redick was a Poorly Athlete, but by NBA standards? Let’s just say he had to be in the right place at the right time all the time to not get crushed on the defensive. Do you then factor in the work he had to do off the ball to break free for 3-pointers? Damn it.

I’ve heard Redick before how meticulous his routine became as he got deeper into his career. He began to understand exactly what his body needed in terms of recovery, how to eat better, how to prepare in the midst of a season’s marathon and still stay as fresh as possible while maintaining what he was aiming for in the off-season inevitably busted his ass. But I don’t recall him giving such specific details before.

This just shows the mindset it takes to stay in the NBA for so long. Injuries have basically derailed the last few years of Redick’s career. Otherwise, he probably could have gone on for at least a few more seasons. Redick ranks 19th all-time in 3-point shooting (41.5%) and ninth in free throw shooting (89.2%). One of the purest shots to ever grace the hardwood. Smash the podcast/tv game now. Regards, JJ Redick.

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