With MLB 2023 spring training just around the corner, many fans are wondering where they can meet all of their favorite players and if where they live will limit their ability to watch the action.

Traditionally, fans have been confined to their own geographic areas as broadcast breaks restricted out-of-market content. Now baseball fans and sports fans in general have so many more choices. This renders the difficulties of the past largely irrelevant.

In the US, most fans who own a TV can watch the ESPN network. Additionally, fans who don’t own a TV can subscribe to ESPN+. Costs range from an annual pass for $79.99 or a monthly pass that costs you $11.99 about every 30 days.

The ESPN app now has the spring training schedule

“The ESPN app now has the spring training schedule at the top” – @annoying Dodgerafan

For fans in local markets, Bally Sports has it covered. Bally Sports has regional providers in 19 markets and covers teams like the San Diego Padres and Atlanta Braves.

Recently, many fans have abandoned the traditional cable model in favor of streaming services. There are currently many options for pro streaming viewers.

MLB.TV, the official streaming platform for Major League Baseball, is a popular choice for fans. You can watch almost all 2,400 games this season for the low price of $129.99. However, fans should keep in mind that due to blackout restrictions, MLB.TV will most likely not be broadcasting games played in your area, so don’t cancel your cable plan just yet.

Additionally, YouTube TV has a monthly fee of $64.99. Fans get abbreviated match coverage and don’t have to deal with pesky blackout restrictions for this price. Fans can watch the games on YouTube TV across half a dozen channels, including MLB Network.

“Fubo TV adds MLB and NHL networks after RSNs are cut” – @CTAM

FuboTV is relatively new to the market. Currently, a subscription costs $74.99 for the “Pro” plan and $94.99 for the “Premier” plan. This allows fans to watch games outside of the market. Live in Arizona but want to see the New York Yankees? FuboTV could be for you.

Never before have MLB viewers been spoiled for choice

Between your local listings and the multitude of streaming services out there, fans have no excuse to miss out on all the action. In addition to being reasonably priced, many services offer free trial periods so you can find out which package is best for your viewing needs.

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