Yesterday, Alabama updated their list on with many new weights for all players on the list. While many people have only gained or lost a few pounds, below is a list of all that I thought made significant enough changes to warrant a mention:


Jalen Milroe – 212 to 220

Eli Holstein – 222 to 237

Man, Eli Holstein is a big guy! Jalen Milroe has also grown in size. His combination of size and speed makes him basically the NFL Draft equivalent of Florida’s Anthony Richardson, who has similar collegiate success as a starter.


Jam Miller – 201 to 211

Not only has Miller shortened his name from Jamarion to Jam (cool!), but he’s also put on a bit of weight to ensure he’s indistinguishable in height from Jase McClellelan and Roydell Williams, who are all 211, 212, and 214 now .


Isaiah Bond – 175 to 183

Shazz Preston 190 to 202

Kendrick Law – 193 to 201

Kobe Prentice – 171 to 182

Jaren Hamilton – 188 to 200

Quite a bit of size gain from last season’s newcomers here. Bond and Prentice desperately needed the extra weight to get past the 180 mark, and Preston and Law are building up to become real burdens. Jaren Hamilton also came out of high school a fair bit heavier than expected. If he maintains his track speed at the increased size, he could be a factor sooner than expected.


Amari Niblack – 225 to 233

Elijah Brown – 238 to 250

CJ Dippre – 245 to 257

Ty Lockwood – 225 to 234

Again, a lot of size increases from younger players. Boys have to block!


Seth McLaughlin – 295 to 301

Elijah Pritchett – 300 to 312

JC Latham – 326 to 335

Terrence Ferguson – 300 to 318

Jaeden Roberts – 302 to 316

Olaus Alien – 316 to 325

Wilkin Formby – 295 to 320

Kadyn Proctor – 330 to 354

It looks like getting bigger at OL has been a focus for the Tide this offseason. Eric Wolford definitely has a type. Terrence Ferguson and Elijah Pritchett are set to make bids to become starters and have posted double-digit gains, as has Jaeden Roberts. Even JC Latham has gained almost 10 pounds.

And for the newbies coming in? Kadyn Proctor and Wilkin Formby both gained 25(!) pounds. In particular, I thought Formby’s biggest problem was his lighter weight, so that’s encouraging.


Anquin Barnes – 305 to 314

Jaheim Oatis – 370 to 328

Hunter Osborne – 260 to 275

Jordan Renaud – 245 to 261

James Smith – 310 to 295

Check out Jaheim Oatis! Almost 50 pounds have fallen since last year. If he can maintain 90% of his strength while bringing pace and conditioning to his game, he could be a superstar next year.

We’ve also seen the smaller incoming freshmen bloat a bit and a small weight loss from 5 star James Smith who needs to focus on DE rather than nose tackle.


Jihad Campbell – 225 to 230

Deontae Lawson – 225 to 230

Q Robinson – 224 to 231

Jeremiah Alexander – 258 to 249

Chris Braswell – 240 to 255

Justin Jefferson – 215 to 225

Qua Russaw – 230 to 242

For the most part, we all saw inside linebackers trying to get into that 230-235 pound range.

Then Chris Braswell wants to be someone who can play in standard downs instead of just passing situations by gaining 15 pounds.


Kool-Aid McKinstry – 188 to 195

Territory Arnold – 188 to 196

DeVonta Smith – 185 to 194

Malachi Moore – 190 to 198

Caleb Downs – 195 to 203

Dec Ricks – 170 to 182

Again, general increases across the board. Alabama wants to get bigger and get hit harder in the secondary school.

Special teams

P James Burnip – 211 to 220

Pretty! Not sure if it helps with stabbing, but 220 is definitely pretty intimidating for a specialist.

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