Who says soccer is boring?

Simon Stacpoole/Offside | Getty Images

Yesterday as presenters and analysts Gary Lineker, Paul Ince and Danny Murphy brought the FA Cup Wolves vs Liverpool game together live on the BBC, the unmistakable sound of people having sex was broadcast.

The football pundits tried to keep a straight face as they kept the show going, not knowing if the audience heard what they heard. But it soon became apparent that like Twitter, they were exploding with clips.

Producers and presenters on set tried to finally identify the source of the moans: a phone hidden behind a monitor streaming porn.

It was the work of YouTube prankster Daniel Jarvis, who took charge after the show and tweeted a video of himself (very lightly) infiltrating the studio.

The Daily Mail reports that Jarvis also grabbed a free beer after hiding the phone in the studio and laughed: “There was nobody to stop us.”

The BBC apologized to viewers, saying: “We [apologize] To all viewers who have been offended during the live broadcast of football tonight.”

But presenter Lineker laughed at the whole thing, telling the BBC’s Kirsty Wark that it was a good prank and: “We certainly have nothing to do [be sorry] for.” He added, “If you had told me this morning that I was going to be speaking on Newsnight about a porn scandal tonight, I would have been scared.”

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This isn’t the first time Jarvis has taken on the world of esports. The BBC reports that he was convicted of aggravated trespassing last October after running onto a pitch and colliding with England cricketer Jonny Bairstow.

He was given an eight-week suspended prison sentence of two years for the stunt and was banned from anywhere where a sporting event is held in England and Wales for two years. He was also banned from traveling abroad for 12 months and told to attend mandatory rehabilitation for his crazy (and funny) actions.

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