The Deion Sanders Media Circuit never stops spinning and recently made a stop at The Pivot to talk Jackson State, Colorado and more.

The new Colorado head coach spoke about his new appearance but also had to face questions about his departure from Jackson State and the criticism he received.

Sanders was asked by host Ryan Clark how he felt about his time and impact at Jackson State.

“I’m happy with what we’ve achieved at Jackson State. I am excited about the opportunity Jackson State has offered me. I am happy for the people who have supported me on this path.”

He further commended Jackson State AD for giving him leeway while working under them from 2020-2022.

“For the leeway he gave me, and he pretty much let me … he allowed me to do my thing.

Hosts Clark and Channing Crowder urged Deion Sanders if the blueprint he left could be followed by other HBCUs as he brought players like Travis Hunter to Colorado.

Deion Sanders, Jackson State
Deion Sanders had high praise for Jackson State AD Ashley Robinson.

“Travis didn’t just come for JSU. Travis came for me,” Sanders said. “And that’s a difference. That happened historically.”

Sanders also had a moment discussing an earlier discussion where Crowder said they would eventually interview Coach Prime at a PWI. Crowder said he knew he would be there because of a lack of resources in Jackson State.

Sanders said it’s not just about the resources, although he pointed to coaching salaries as an issue that helped propel his move to Colorado.

“It was the ideology, the thought process, the thinking ahead. It hit me at the crossroads. That was involved. And sooner or later you really have to look in the mirror and say – will they make it? Do you even want to go there? And I had to ask those questions and be really honest with them.”

Deion Sanders talks Jackson State move, future of HBCU football

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