IIt’s surreal, but also possible given the world we live in. Jaren Jackson Jr. is the main contender for the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award as he is a key player for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies and the ideal rim protector, a man determined to lead his team to the finish NBA Trophy.

However, controversy has arisen after a user on the popular Reddit forum made the claim JacksonThe numbers of were fake.

He claimed the scorer was working in grizzlies Home games reportedly inflated Jackson‘s blocks and steals numbers.

The Reddit Evidence of Jaren Jackson Jr.’s Conspiracy

Jackson has recorded 66 blocks and 22 steals and 37 blocks and 12 steals in 17 away games. The user’s evidence is based on his claim that there were stolen balls that failed to count, actions that were not supposed to add up.

“I would like to draw your attention to the scorer of the Memphis Grizzlies‘ the user wrote.

“I was wondering how a solid defensive player could suddenly have some specific statistical categories that are completely off the charts.

“I refer to Jaren Jackson Jr.who, after missing 16 games early in the season due to offseason foot surgery, immediately had extremely high steals + blocks stats and led the overall NBA in blocks per game by a wide margin.

“In fewer minutes per game than other players Jaron Jackson keeps getting fancy block numbers at home.

“I decided to take a closer look at his games and IMMEDIATELY one thing became crystal clear to me.

“Home at memphis He has 66 blocks in 16 home games, averaging 4.13 blocks per game, versus just 35 in 16 away games, averaging 2.19 in almost identical minutes – an 89 percent increase memphis.

“In home games, he was credited with 22 steals in 16 home games versus just 10 steals in 16 away games. That means he’s averaging nearly 1.4 steals per game at home, but only 0.63 steals away per game — a staggering 120 percent increase in performance memphis.”

Breakdown of the conspiracy theory

Meanwhile, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor checked everything Jackson‘s 66 blocks and he revealed only three of them shouldn’t have counted.

“I looked at every block Jaren Jackson Jr. in slow motion from alternate angles to examine the NBA Reddit thread claiming the grizzlies Scorekeeper ‘posting fraudulent numbers,'” he wrote on Twitter.

“But only 3 of its 66 apartment blocks are mislabeled, a completely insignificant amount.”

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