CJ Sands and Qua Moss sign to play football at the next level

Published Saturday February 25, 2023 8:40 am

CJ Sands and Qua Moss formed a formidable defensive back partnership for the Troup Tigers and got to share signing day together on Friday as they announced their next-tier commitments.

Sands was a key part of the defense during his time at Troup, emerging as a backend leader. Sands finished the tournament with 21 tackles and one interception, despite missing some time in his senior year.

Sands will be going to Georgia Military College to play soccer in the fall.

“It’s close to home so if there’s an emergency I can come back and my family can come and see me play,” Sands said.

He’s looking forward to being close enough to home for his family to see him play before hopefully making a move to a bigger school after spending some time in Milledgeville.

“I like that I can go there and improve my grades and get a movie,” Sands said. “I want to work and get better so I can go to a bigger school.”

Moss was everywhere for the Tigers during his senior season and was named 4-AAAA regional Athlete of the Year. That’s exactly why Dodge City Community College recruited him as an athlete.

“They recruited me as an athlete to play on both sides,” Moss said. “Really, I want to play cornerback, but I’m open to anything.”

He played everywhere for the Tigers, recording 29 tackles and one defensive interception while also being a big part of the special teams as a returnee. His greatest impact may have been made on offense, where he registered 53 catches for 892 yards and 11 touchdowns while also piling up 99 yards and a touchdown on the ground.

His gaudy stats were hard to miss for Dodge City, and Moss is looking forward to his time in Kansas.

“My plan was to get away from home so I could focus,” Moss said. “Dodge City is one of the best JUCOs in the nation. They’ve gotten a lot of people out that go to Power 5 schools, which is my plan.”

As Troup athletic director Andrew Calhoun said, “This doesn’t get old.”

Seeing athletes fulfill their dreams and play college football and educate themselves is what Calhoun and head football coach Tanner Glisson want to see.

Glisson took the time to assess how these two young men have matured during their time at Troup.

“I’m really, really proud of the growth these guys have shown,” Glisson said. “These two young men don’t talk much … They’re not great talkers on the field, but they are great players on the field.”

There have been times when they have struggled with their grades, but both go to JUCOs as academic qualifiers, meaning their grades are good enough that they can switch after a semester if greater opportunities arise. Non-academic qualifiers must spend at least 18 months at a JUCO.

“The bottom line is that whenever you get money and you get paid for your education and you can do something that you love to do, it’s a win-win situation,” Glisson said. “That’s our goal here at Troup High School.”

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