UWF coach Kaleb Nobles and UWF Football Founders chairman Gordon Sprague have become friends since they first met in 2016, when Nobles was the Argos quarterback in the inaugural season.

The team’s final scrimmage ahead of Thursday’s spring game was completed with new coach Kaleb Nobles providing a strong summary for his players.

“I love you all,” he said.

It’s been a smooth transition from the UWF’s first coach, Pete Shinnick, to a man who was the UWF’s first quarterback in its inaugural 2016 season.

The Argos set the Thursday blue-green spring game specifically the night before classes end on Friday afternoon and spring break begins on UWF’s campus.

“Our boys are very excited to get Spring Ball ready before spring break,” Nobles said. “So when you leave here, on Friday afternoon after class, you go straight to spring break.

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