The advent of NIL obviously changed the landscape of college football in many ways. In one respect, college athletes can choose to stay in school and still make money. However, many of America’s best football players have their sights set on the NFL and will be drafted.

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Despite a less than stellar season, the ACC has several prospects who will jump to the next level. Their previous programs will spend the off-season finding replacements for these stars. Here are 10 ACC stars making the move to the NFL and the leading candidates to fill the void left by their departure.

North Carolina

Path: Josh Downs, WR

Despite being a true contributor in just two seasons, Downs leaves North Carolina as the third-biggest receiver in program history with 202 grabs. He is also fourth in yardage and second in touchdown receptions. When Sam Howell and then Drake Maye needed a big change, they looked at downs first.

In: Andre Greene Jr.

Kobe Paysour has shown as a redshirt freshman that he can be a very effective receiver, but he will need help. With a larger physique, Greene is a very different player to Downs, but the former top 100 recruit is brimming with talent. Knowing his role will increase in 2023, head coach Mack Brown brought him into the Holiday Bowl slate and Greene responded with three catches, one of which resulted in a touchdown.

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